Connected Roots

"TREES" Community Murals

Mural Mosaic “TREES” is the perfect project for any size school or community allowing the participants to work remotely while having their individual artworks come together to form one unified TREE mural representing their particular community.
Join the “grove” and have your community TREE come to life

  • Can be 100% virtual for easy and safe remote participation 
  • Communities/Schools as little as 70 participants or up to 5000 participants 
  • Each TREE is custom design to your particular community 
  • Participants will get access to online instructions and fun easy art lessons.
  • Includes dozens of professional custom paintings that can include VIP portraits, landmarks and special stories
  • Your completed TREE will be virtually/symbolically connected to neighbouring communities online
  • Beautiful reproduction (or actual original tiles) physically assembled for showcasing the completed unified mosaic!

Trees have the power to inspire and express our deepest feelings of love, gratitude, protection and happiness.

Children are the seeds of the earth. We love them, protect them, nurture them, teach them and watch them grow.
Parents, Grandparents, friends, teachers… we all shape their lives in some way.

As they grow, their roots deepen and their branches stretch out to others while reaching for the sky and finding their purpose.

Trees spread their seeds and there is a resurrection or rebirth as the seeds connect to the earth and the roots again begin to take hold and the journey continues.

We hope to plant trees of love, hope, inspiration and happiness in schools and families so that we can find a way to stay stronger together during these challenging times.

Trees united through art. Trees united through hundreds maybe thousands of beautiful creative minds of all ages and backgrounds.

Trees full of artistic beauty and strength that will unite us during these difficult days and help nourish our spirits while helping us heal and grow towards better days.

Phil Alain