The DOG (working title)

(in progress) Designed by Lewis Lavoie created by dog loving artists everywhere

Theme: ALL THINGS DOGS… But especially their unconditional LOVE!

Unveiling date: Summer 2020… we are shooting for July-August… Official date coming soon

Where will the mural live?: This mural will not be permanently displayed, rather each paintings will be sold off –  Yes! you will have the opportunity to own a piece of this mural and support the artist! details coming soon- Please follow and see the mural come to life! 

“In a time never before experienced in modern history where the world is basically shut down from an invisible enemy we are forced to stay home wondering what each day will bring. As we quarantine ourselves, our pets are becoming (and in some ways have always been) our greatest form of therapy.

In February 2019 I lost my wife to cancer, in January 2020 I lost my Dad to heart failure and now the coronavirus has taken over the world. My little family, including two children under the age of 10, desperately needed something positive to latch on to. That is when one little Terrier came into our lives and has helped keep our heads high and brought smile after smile to my children’s faces through some very challenging days.

As my dog lay his head on my lap one evening I realized, our family cannot be the only one’s feeling the emotional strength of the dog .There was no denying the incredible therapy he was providing for us in such a difficult time. It was then that we decided at Mural Mosaic that we need to take this challenging time to celebrate this beautiful animal through art.

Looking back, one of the most enjoyable murals we ever created was “The Horse Gift 2008” . Over 150 artists from around the world uniting their love for horses while in the process reflecting a love and support for each other that formed a camaraderie that still exists to this day. We have always been so appreciative of the connection we had with the artists through that mural and one day wanted to create another similar project.

With our lives all screeched to a halt, travel basically eliminated and all art shows cancelled. We realized one positive we have been given is the gift of time. Time to bring together artists once again and create something remarkable.

So follow along with us over the next few month’s as we take this time of uncertainty to celebrate the certainty of what many have stated for centuries. The certainty of the dog- “Humankind’s Best friend.” 

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