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In 2010 we traveled to South Jordan City Utah and worked together with 13 different schools to create a mural to celebrate the United States of America. It was an incredible experience as we spent a week travelling from school to school talking about art and watching as these young artists created beautiful paintings to help bring this mural to life.
On Constitution day 2009 we unveiled the mural. Over 300 students could take extra pride in the flag that they created. The flag symbolized not only a proud nation, but also a proud community of students. It was a wondrous thing to witness as their artwork represented so many individual ideas, styles, themes and techniques yet still came together beautifully and showed the power of unity through diversity.
IStudents of all ages contributed to the mural.Their enthusiasm was contagious and the more we worked with them the more excited we got as the mural began to take shape. Many painted what they experienced daily in their own community while some painted significant monuments or moments in time in the nations history. South Jordan City has a beautiful view of the mountains and was once the host of the Winter Olympics. Thus mountains were a common theme in many of the paintings.