2013 Canada Games - Sports Mural Mosaic

Ann Timmins

Yellowknife, NWT

'Northern heritage - Sea Kayak'

Panel before

Artist Comments:

I am intrigued to find the magic in creating this small panel for the 2013 Summer Games Mural in Sherbrooke, Quebec. I began with a watercolour painting to let my imagination flow. I am very interested in the movement of water, the ebb and flow of the tide, the thrill of the ocean swell as one is lifted by the water, the myriad colours of arctic water as it blends from ocean depth to crystal clear aqua pale turquoise. As I painted I began to speculate how the Inuit developed the kayak to extend their hunting ability for food beyond the ice floe edge. The Inuit kayaks have a misleading look of fragility about them, but they are immensely strong. The frame can flex in the water, and the skin absorbs impacts from waves and even rocks with little damage. In this painting, I have chosen a young mother to paddle the present day kayak, and the reflection signifies her male ancestor who was the traditional kayak hunter. She is the mother of future generations who will inherit from his parents the knowledge of their kayaking heritage, and the significance of the modern sea kayak that has been adapted for sport and recreation.