2013 Canada Games - Sports Mural Mosaic

Hanne Lore Koehler

Cambridge, ON

Kayak Crush

Panel before

Artist Comments:

To conquer whitewater is a challenge that some cannot resist to the point where it becomes a mission. The exuberant feeling that you defied the savage rapids and survived is addictive and you are resigned to repeat the challenge and relive the adventure. Your imagination conjures up images of Coureurs des Bois and les Voyageurs in birch bark canoes as you grip your paddle and maneuver around monster boulders through thunderous waters.

It was a gorgeous summer day at the Wild Water Preserve near the town of Minden in the Haliburton Highlands District of Ontario. One by one, the colorful kayak adventurers appeared through the trees from around the upper boulders. As they tried to tame the mighty waters, they were carried like floating leaves down the Gull River by thundering white water that crashed over enormous boulders until it reached a sudden calm as it emptied into the lake. - See more at: http://koehlerart.com/gallery_pages/Fgallery3-2.htm#sthash.tXAePzTT.dpuf