2013 Canada Games - Sports Mural Mosaic

Sarah Collard

Winnipeg, MN

Passing Adrenaline

Panel before

Artist Comments:

Nicole Forrester is an Ontario born high jumper who has competed in several international competitions beginning with a bronze medal in Winnipeg in 1999 at the Pan-American Games. In 2010 she won gold in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. Track and field was my favourite sport during high school as I participated in long jump, high jump, hurdles and 100 metre relay and sprints. Recently I have re-aquainted myself with the art of sprinting during my morning jogs. I enjoy the smell of fresh air, the movement of wind passing briskly, the burn of muscles, the power of self-talk and the thrill of speed. One of my favourite memories of high school was making it to OFSA and loading the lanes with tall, muscular black girls. Yikes. My stomach leaped. This painting is about the adrenaline; the movement and emotions involved in competing. Go girl, go!