2013 Canada Games - Sports Mural Mosaic

Ruben Ramonda

Sherbrooke, QUE

At the top of the hill

Panel before

Artist Comments:

Sports have been the source of my artistic inspiration for the past 30 years. Collective hysteria experienced in a stadium as well as televised events and history marking narrations provide me with inspirational creative opportunities. Epic moments also arise from personal situations. Great sport moments do not necessarily underline the genius of an athlete misleading all his opponents at the very last second of a competition. Capturing the frailty of a situation, the hesitation or apprehension of an athlete before the performance commences can become part of our collective consciousness.

My work essentially renders sporting sequences that are archetypal. Each work of art translates the passion and liveliness of a magical moment and sometimes the almost divine character of a sporting performance. My productions are not static. Just like my paintings, my sculptures move away from frozen scenes. They defy the traditional framework of a bi-dimensional medium while paying tribute to a remarkable play. As a result, the audience experiences the sensation of being part of the artwork and becomes an immersive element of the sport action.