About Mural Mosaic Unity through diversity
"Mural Mosaic" brings together hundreds of individual paintings created by hundreds of artists into one unifying image. Each painting reflects an individual's unique creativity and style. When a painting is completed it is carefully placed in sequence within the mural to assemble one masterpiece... more
History Timeline of Mural Mosaic (milestone projects)
Lewis Lavoie creates the first Mural Mosaic. Painted entirely by Lavoie, Lewis paints hundreds of individual paintings that makes up the face of Michelangelo's David
The first "community Mural Mosaic" is attempted using Lavoie's mosaic concept and 70 artists from Phil Alains' Night of Artist group. Painted live in a 24 hr marathon, the "Heritage Fiddler" is formed. "What Inspires a Child", St. Albert Community Mural is also created later in the year. Mural Mosaic officially begins...
Mural Mosaic creates their largest mural to date, inviting 270 artists to celebrate the centennial of Alberta and Saskatchewan , Buffalo Twins Mural Mosaic was created.
May 24: "Buffalo Twins" is unveiled for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Mural Mosaic invites the "Canadian wildlife artist community" to participate in "Earths Treasure Chest" Mural Mosaic
Funds raised: $45,860 for Canadian Parks & Wilderness
2007 Heroes is completed and installed. 3 years in the making Lewis Lavoie's tribute to the Canadian War Vets helps raise hundreds of thousands for the new expansoin of The Military Museums in Calgary, AB
The first "live Mural Mosaic" is attempted, Lewis Lavoie combines his live art performance technique and his Mural Mosaic concept and creates ADAM, a 20 piece mural created live in front of a crowd over a ten day event. "TRUST" Town of Cochrane Mural Mosaic is also created in 2007
The first international project, Mural Mosaic invites the "Equine artists community" from 14 countries to participate in "Le Cadeau Du Cheval -The Horse Gift" Mural Mosaic.
Horse Gift
2010 Kunamokst Coastal Mural Mosaic is unveiled for the Olympics 2010 Winter Games Kunamokst
South Jordan, Utah USA commisions Mural Mosaic to create mosaic showing the entire history of United States USA
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