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"Build the flag and experience the remarkable history of the United States through 50 beautifully illustrated chronological images. This incredibly fun project is guaranteed to be one of the easiest and most engaging ways of learning history you may ever experience. Fifty historical moments that magically transform into the American Flag.... You will be astounded by the results!
The flag will be sure to leave a huge impact wherever it is displayed"
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Stickers! - History in a Flag Sticker Kit (mouse over image to see more)
History-in-a-Flag Sticker Kit
$9.99 + S&H ($2)
Kit includes 50 (1" x 1") stickers depicting US history with 9" x 18" story board grid
Easily builds a convenient 9" x 18" flag size, ideal for unique gift giving, an excellent student keepsake project Fun, ready to build, any place, any time!

History-in-a-Flag Poster Kit
$19.99 + S&H ($8)
Kit Includes 50 (5.5" x 5.5")cards with the American story- Builds a standard flag size, ideal for classroom settings, team building activities and any environment where the flag can be displayed.
Standard Flag Size - History in a Flag Kit (mouse over image to see more)
Poster Flag

History-in-a-Flag Mural Size Kit
$109.99 + S&H ($18)
Mural Size - History in a Flag Mural Kit
Mural Flag

Kit Includes 50 (9.5" x 9.5") cards with the American story, - Builds a 4' x 8 ' mural size which is perfect for any large wall, school hallways or any environment where you want to make a large impact. - custom size variations available upon request. email here
Custom mural reproductions available in variety of sizes and materials for architectural and interior Design
please contact us for detailsemail here