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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
The answers to our most Frequent Asked Questions are here
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I have seen these murals around , I think DisneyLand has one, Right? No, nine times out of ten people mistake "Photo Mosaics" with us. Photo Mosaics are quite different whereas they are made up with much smaller squares using photographs that are arranged like pixels with a computer software. Mural Mosaics are consisted of paintings, 100% artwork crafted by hand. No computers effects are used.
How do you choose your artists?
Every mural project has different requirements. Once a mural project has been decided upon submission requirements will be posted.
Can I paint in you next mural?
If you meet the requirements you may be considered for a future mural project. We are always looking for quality artists, however depending on the mural, the theme, and location will depend on whether you are able to participate.
How do we get a mural mosaic for our community? Currently we are unable to begin any new mural projects until January 2010 however we are always open to possibilities. If you are interested in a mural project for 2010 or further into the future please contact us.
Do you work with schools?
Our mural books are an excellent tool for schools for allowing the students to construct a mural from various artworks created by artists from around the world. We also currently have an artist in residence program designed for schools which allows a school to create a mural through a series of workshops which we send in a mural mosaic member to create paintings with the students to create a mural mosaic for the school.
Are you going to reprint your "sold out" prints?
No, our prints are usually "Limited Edition" series which means they are signed and numbered and we will not reprint that particular print.
How do the artists know what to paint? Designer Lewis Lavoie creates a master image then designates panels to each artist. Each artist is given color guidelines and maybe some shapes to use but is free to create as they so desire as long as it fits within the theme of the mural
Will you be making mural books from any of the murals on line that do not have books as of yet? No. We will not be revisiting our previous murals. You can look forward to books with our new up-coming murals.
Are your mural mosaic's created with a computer program? No Mural Mosaic's do not use any computer programs and have no special effects. The master image is designed by artist Lewis Lavoie and each square is created by a different artist. The panels are assembled without any digital effects.
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