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The St. Albert Legacy Community Mural
St. Albert, 20 Perron Street, Ab, Canada
A Children's Program fund-raiser for the Art's & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, conceived and designed by Lewis Lavoie. 216 original paintings, created by over 130 artists combined together to form one amazing mural. Without knowing what the final image would be, the participating artists were asked to paint something that inspires them growing up in St. Albert. The Mural was unveiled December 2nd, 2004.
Mural Unveiled Dec. 2nd, 2004 Hundreds of spectators, including the participating artists saw the whole painting for the first time, as a black tarp was pulled back to reveal the mural.
Unveiling! - more pics -click here
Workshops! - view some of the artist at work -click here
Production! - view some pre-productiom pics -click here
Artists - Over 130 artist participated, see who -click here