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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Margaret Maidment
Face to Face
Panel before
Artist Comments:
I wanted a painting to reflect what I know of Mount Royal- the here and now. There are two people who are outstanding and who have carved themselves into my memory as a student at Mount Royal. Tiffany Beks works in Optimal Therapies and is a student of Psychology. She's been a great inspiration for me, especially in those really hard times. She is everything a friend should be, and she represents everything I love about Mount Royal: spirit, positive atmosphere, acceptance, passion, fierce loyalty, and an openness to try something new; something out of the comfort zone. She represents all the people I know at Mount Royal. Thanks Tiffany for being there for me. 
The second person I painted, Shannon Gallagher, also works in the Optimal Therapies. In fact, she is usually the one you see as you walk into the waiting room. She always knows what end is up- even if you don't- and is the ultimate organizer of that office. She represents all the people who work so hard for the students at Mount Royal and manage to hold up the thousands of people needing a lot more than quality education. You can get education anywhere, but people like Shannon make it an absolute dream to come to the university. Thanks Shannon for making my university experience one of the greatest experiences I've had.