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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Marc Johns

Community Spirit

Panel before

Artist Comments:
My name is Marc Johns, I was born and raised here in Calgary. I have had
many experiences with MRU over the years through different events and also,
most recently, schooling. Most directly my contact to MRU has been through
my mom Karen Hiebert who works in the School of Nursing.
A gathering of friends was the idea behind my panel. I had trouble starting
out, wasn't to sure what to make of it, so turned to my closest group of
friends. We all gather as a community quite often in a little house we like
to call "the gorp". People that come here share stories, songs, art of all
forms, and feel comfortable and welcome in doing so. When I brought the
panel over, people immediately knew what to do. Caitlyn Bellavance, Matthew
Butel, Ian Pierce, Travis Wilson, and I all collaborated on this piece.
Everyone was able put their own style and taste into it. We all had lots of
fun, and shared a bonding experience. It opened my eyes to the reality of
there being many small art communities in our city, and country. Creating
this for me was truly being apart of the ever growing history of art, and
art culture in our city.