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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Janice P. Wittstrom

In honor of Part Time Instructors

Cotton cloth using an appliqué technique and overstitching
Panel before

Artist Statement:
This Inuit native symbol "marks a way, a cache" or sometimes means "I was here". To me this is a good symbol for the hundreds of part time instructors who have and are serving the University often without any job security or perks. But we mark the way for many others and we were/are certainly here for the students. (I have been here 9.5 years in this capacity and I know of others who have been here more than 15-20 years as Part timers even though many of us put in full time teaching loads.)

Artist Bio
My stained glass and quilting hobbies are very heavily influenced by my love of nature and rockscapes. I often use my photos to inspire my art work. The interplay of color is very important. Assembling stained glass pieces or art quilt blocks is like putting together a puzzle and that is very satisfying when finished!