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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Venus Kwan

The Melody of Future Prospects

Panel before

Artist Statement:
As a child I took accordion lesson and taught myself the basics of piano. I didn’t have a knack for it but am inspired by those that do. When I leave my classes, I always see children of all ages playing various instruments. I wanted to capture the variety of talented children out there and their ability to create such a complex but beautiful melody.

Artist Bio:
I have always taken art classes throughout Jr. High and High school. Once university hit, I had decided to major in art history and minor in the arts at University of Calgary. I mainly focused on charcoal, and graphite. After U of C I took a couple of night classes both through ACAD (acrylic painting and drawing realism) and through the City of Calgary (figure drawing). I have always taken an interest in the arts since I was a child and am now completing my second last semester of Interior Design at Mount Royal University.
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