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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Cathy Stevenson

Children at Mount Royal - A Tribute to MRU's Future

Acrylic and ink
Panel before

Artist Statement
Remember playing with a huge parachute that soared into the air? It was thrilling! Parachutes teach teamwork and cooperation, real skills needed as children grow and develop into adults. This painting represents the important teaching MRU provides for learning about children, and the experiences children have in their care facilities. MRU has, and continues to provide, education and teachings allowing students to soar in their careers.

Artist Bio
Cathy Stevenson has painted for most of her life and continues to paint in her spare time. Always inspired by her surroundings, the MRU project gave her great joy creatively. Currently living in Calgary, she spends her days working for an advertising agency as the Design Director.