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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Roger Saint-Fort
Water Ecology Expert

Janifer Calvez

Roger St.Fortm, - Water Ecology Expert
Panel before

Artist Statement:

This painting is inspired by the water ecology expert, Dr. Roger St. Fort at Mount Royal University. Part of the faculty of Environmental Science, he is an environmental scientist who focuses on water quality and treatment. He developed a water filter that harnesses the naturally occurring marine bacteria to treat water for pathogens and bacteria, using geo-textile cloth and sand.
I want this panel to represent the importance of his work as well as showcase the person with the fantastic smile behind the science. I believe we all take care of what we value, and I hope this panel reminds us of the importance of water ecology, how all of life is dependent on clean water, and of our connection to nature and each other.

Artist Bio:

Janifer Calvez is an artist living in southern Alberta who grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, prairie, and wind.  Her original Canadian watercolour and acrylic paintings portray her connection to her natural surroundings and her love of the outdoors.  Janifer’s impressions are captured in a bright and bold display using colour, whimsy, light and character.  Her children, travels, and passion for the environment inspire her to create, and sometimes you may find messages of inspiration mingling with the scenes.
“ I believe people take care of and value what they know and love.  I like to encourage people to remember and discover the uplifting energy that a walk in nature will bring, appreciate the subtleties in life, the ‘magical moments’ in our experiences, and to always take a minute or two to notice the beauty around us.”
Janifer’s art is displayed in galleries across southern Alberta and resides in the private collections of many amazing people around the globe.  Enjoy!


Water Ecology Expert