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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural

Paula Hawkes


Dr. George W. Kerby

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Artist Comments:
Dr. George W. Kirby was born in 1860 and died 1944. He graduated from Victory, University of Toronto and came to Calgary in 1903.

In 1910 he founded Mount Royal Collage in Calgary. Calgary’s first Post-secondary institution.

On September 3rd 2009 it was announced during a ceremony that Mount Royal Collage had been renamed “ Mount Royal University” Making the city home of two universities. Now Alberta’s fifth university.

Today some 12,000-credit students take a variety of programs and courses including bachelor’s degrees, applied degrees, and university transfer courses, diplomas and certificates. Currently, Mount Royal University comprises thirteen schools and faculties including the Bissett School of Business, Faculty of Arts, Facility of Communications Studies, and the Conservatory of (Music).

He was also prominent in the building of the Central United Church In 1913. He was principal of Mount Royal church for eight years. A good public speaker, he took time to write two books: The Broken Trail” and “Keep a Grip on Harry”.

Artist Statement
A graduate of the University of Toronto, in 1910 he founded “Mount Royal College” Calgary’s first post secondary institution. In 2009 it became “Mount Royal University”. Today some 12,000 students take a variety of programs and courses at MRU.
He was prominent in building the Central United Church and was Principal of Mount Royal church for eight years.

Artist Bio:>
My work has been displayed at Spruce Meadows and the Calgary Stampede; I have commissioned paintings hanging at the University of Alberta and the International School in Pai Chai, Korea; panels in “The Horse Gift”, and multiple paintings in private collections in Canada, U.S.A., Korea, and Europe.