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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Ria Katsaounis

East Gate

Panel before

Artist statement:
When the opportunity presented itself to do a peice of art for the school I immediately jumped at the chance to have my artistic insight combined with the collaborative efforts of otheres. Choosing my medium, scape and choice for my panel took a little thought - I have never had to work within an outline or color scheme before and loved the challenge. I thought acrylic would be fun and after reading through the list of artistic avenues to choose from I thought what better than the entrance I always use to access Mount Royal for class(East Gate). From there the picture and shape took on a life of itself an I justed painted away!

Artist Bio:
I am a new graduate of Mount Royal University in Bussiness Admin/Accounting. I have always loved to do art from a young age and even though I have not had as much time recently to devote to my passion I found this opportunity a great way to get my feet wet again. Thanks.