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Heritage Fiddler Mural
"Artists from all over Canada meet at WEM"
April 23rd and 24th of 2004 at the West Edmonton Mall Ice palace in Edmonton, Alberta over 70 SKILLED ARTISTS from across Western Canada gathered together to create over 252 INDIVIDUAL PAINTINGS in a 24 hour span.
Each artist created multiple individual paintings which represented the artists own personal style yet when combined with all the other artists works it took on the form of the “Heritage Fiddler Mural”.
Creator of the project, Lewis Lavoie, explains the mural to an artist.
Producer Phil Alain discusses the mural with Artist Suzanne Loutas from St. Albert AB
The beginning of the amazing project : 6:00 p.m. April 23rd
Phil Alain paints away with guidance from interested spectator Kristi Shmyr.
The artists pit. A symphony of art being created.
Artists hanging in there- painting up a storm.
Wendy McNeil performs to the crowd and the artists.
Aerial view of the grid
Producer Phil Alain and his special friend.
Magical Mitch Stuart- one of his many amazing images in progress
Michelle Vekved- representing Slave Lake AB with an environmental masterpiece
Erin Stelmaschuk from Bow Valley AB playing hopscotch with her paintings in hand!
Saturday late morning. Beginning to take shape.
Trapped in the Mural. Producer Phil Alain tries to piece together the images.
A job well done- The remaining artists and the masterpiece!