KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Douglas McElligott


Through Starry Eyes, 1996 – Robert Davidson

Panel before
Artist Comments: Through Starry Eyes, 1996 – Robert Davidson
aida mask - cedar, cedar bark, horsehair, acrylic paint, silver.
With its dramatic land and sea forms, Haida-Gwaii – the Queen Charlotte Islands, to some – has influenced the Haida’s world view and artistic expression since time immemorial. The Haida developed their unique formline art there five centuries ago and has seen an extraordinary renaissance in the last half century.
Robert Davidson is the great-grandson of the master carver – Charles Edenshaw (1839 – 1924), apprenticed with the renowned Bill Reed (1920 – 1998) and is helping to reclaim the cultural values and art of the Haida, long recognized as one of the shining achievements of North America’s First Nations.