KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Roy Henry Vickers



Panel before
Artist Comments:
Northwesterly began it's life as, "Mother Ocean". One day I stood and looked at the sea and realized it is part of the sky. I stood beside Ksien,"the juice from the clouds", the Skeena River, and realized the moisture comes from the sky and returns to the land and eventually flows to the sea only to return to the sky once again.
We say the sky is our father and the earth is our mother and we are all the children. So what I've always called mother ocean because someone taught me that is really our father as it is one with the sky. 
So I came to rename this piece, The Northwesterly. The northwest wind is a good one, it keeps the skies clear. There are some who fear the winds that blow, I'm not one of those. I find pleasure in the wind, I hear the songs of our ancestors on the air.