KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Tish Saunders


Looking North up Georgia Strait from Galiano Island

Panel before
Artist Comments:
Galiano Island is long and thin and in the middle a ridge of hills winds up the island like a spine. On this northeast side you look across to the Continent and north up Georgia Strait. The sky is huge and the weather and light change constantly. A dark and rugged sky can hang over you while up ahead the ocean is brightening and the sky is clearing and light. The mountains can appear across the strait like a huge fortress and next minute, are covered in clouds with just the tops sticking through. While the tide is out the seals take a rest on a rocky outcrop, a safe distance from the shore. Their deep gutteral sounds are like the mysterious voice of the sea. It is a beautiful place and the ever-changing light, surface of the water and sky remind me why I live here and paint."