KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Martin Machacek


SS Beaver

Panel before
Artist Comments:
I grew up in the Czech Republic and then lived in Alberta for over twenty years. Living by the ocean now in Victoria B.C, a whole new world of beauty and inspiration has opened up to me! I have always been drawn to historical and charismatic architecture in my artwork. While sketching some of the floating homes at the Fisherman's Wharf last autumn, I started noticing the boats that were docked there and began featuring them in my paintings as well. This painting features the SS Beaver, a replica of an earlier vessel that played an important role in British Columbia's coastal history. The SS Beaver was used for trading with the Hudson's Bay Company and also helped chart over 1500 km of B.C.'s coastline under Capt. Daniel Pender. It was rebuilt after its shipwreck in 1888, and after extensive refurbishing, it now hosts special functions and docks in Victoria, B.C.