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KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Ingrid Fawcett


Willows' Beach

Panel before
Artist Comments:

Willows’ Sunrise

I once heard a scientist explain
the effect of the Rayleigh Scattering.
Atmospheric particles
the same size of the wavelengths of visible light
cause the white light to split into
individual components
resulting in a sky-blue noon.
And that a red sunrise is the result of
the short blue and violet rays
being scattered as the sunlight
passes diagonally
through the atmosphere
leaving the longer waves of
the reds, oranges and yellow to be
received by the observing eye.
I wonder though,
as I walk Willows Beach Esplanade,
if instead of the scientific reasoning of,
wave lengths,
atmospheric particles,
and distance from the sun,
that really it is Mother at play,
with a flicker of  her red flamboyance
rewarding me for not rolling over when the
six am alarm bell rings.

Ingrid Fawcett