KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Sher Nasser


July Sunset

Panel before
Artist Comments:
The inspiration for my panel painting is the result of the memories of the long sunset walks my siblings and I would take on Beach Avenue near English Bay Park.  For a number of years we all visited Vancouver towards the end of July each year, to visit mom who lived on Davie Street. 
At the beach we would often stop to admire the rock figurines the "Inukshuks" resting in the July sunset, put together by some beach loving artistic people. They always gave me a sense of inner peace.
Having been born on the island of Zanzibar, I adore the colors of sunrises and sunsets and the inspiring shades of colors of the sea and sky over the waves.  I now live in Port Coquitlam and every time I am in Vancouver, we drive to Beach Avenue to take a refreshing walk on the beach. My mind always wanders back to my birthplace, Zanzibar.