KUNAMOKST - West Coast Mural Mosaic

Lucyna Eschner


This Is My Father's World

Panel before
Artist Comments:
I love nature. My home is in Burnaby (Greater Vancouver) British Columbia. We planted a Sumac tree when we moved here from Edmonton.The "Burning bush" spreads rapidly by very long shallow running roots. It has brilliant autumn foliage.
Our provincial bird is the Stellar Jay. Sable and blue colors make it conspicuous.They are Very fond of peanuts; if you start they'll soon wake you up too early with their raucous calls. A few years back I had gone whale watching. Orcas  are the largest member of the dolphin family. Dorsal fins on their backs help orcas swim strait. They can leap out of the water forward or backward and fall back with a splash. They live in groups called pods and communicate with clicks whistles, squeaks and  screeches  and are able to recog- nize each others voices.
The approximate age of whales is determined by the number of rings of their teeth. Dental abscesses (sadly) are one of the main causes of death in wild whales.(I'm a dental assistant)
Killer whales sleep by resting half of their brains. The other half remains awake and in control of their bodies' activities. Isn't that amazing!