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Mehmed II, "the Conqueror" in Ottoman Turkish; in modern Turkish, Fatih Sultan Mehmet; also called Mahomet II[1][2] in early modern Europe), also known as Muhammed bin Murad, Mehmed the Conqueror and Fatih Sultan Mehmed (30 March 1432 – 3 May 1481), was an Ottoman sultan who ruled first for a short time from August 1444 to September 1446, and later from February 1451 to May 1481. At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) and brought an end to the Byzantine Empire. Mehmed continued his conquests in Anatolia with its reunification, and in Southeast Europe as far west as Bosnia. Being a highly regarded conqueror and caliph of Islam, Mehmed is considered a hero in modern-day Turkey and the Muslim world. Among other things, Istanbul's Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Fatih University, Fatih College and Fatih Mosque are named after him. ...more

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Mehmed the Conqueror
Caliph of Islam
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Reign 1444–46; 1451–81

King of Kings - by Lewis Lavoie