Equine Artists of the World Celebrate the Horse

Sandy Kieffer


Days gone by

Panel before
Artist Comments: As a small child my imagination was fuled by radio, listening to episodes of The Cisco Kid, Lone Ranger and other greats. I imagined riding across the vast west on beautiful horses. When television arrived I was gifted with the beauty of all the great horses I had only imagined, they were far more beautiful than the old wagon horse that pulled the milk wagon through the alley, where I grew up...Diablo was especially beautiful, perhaps because his black and white color was stlll striking on Black and White TV
There were many books which I read during the early 50's that wre colorfully illustrated in a style that I have always loved...I have tried to create a panel thast represents that era

Doing this panel has been a wonderful journey back in time.. remembering the herds of horses I ran across the livingroom floor, the anticipation of each new radio and TV show .The little girl horse dreams, the warm smell of grasses in the summer sun mixed with the sweet smell of horse..getting lost in book after book dreaming horses, horses, horses.

The horse has been the outline of my life......