Equine Artists of the World Celebrate the Horse

Inge Dagmar Manders


Dreams of Flight

oil, composite gold leaf, Sterling silver leaf, 23k gold leaf , liquid lead and a Phosphorescent paint
Panel before
Artist Comments:
In the painting there are 2 poems:

I dream of flight on golden wings,
I dream of flight on silver hooves,
The sun on my face,
The moon in my hair,
of crystal horns and glossy coats,
Save me from my daily forlorn,
I dream of the Beautiful Horse,
The Magical Pegasus
And the Mighty Unicorn.

I dream a dream
to fly away
In dreams of milkyways.
To follow my heart,
To dream away
To follow my soul
and live my dreams,
on silver hooves
and golden wings.

Panel illuminating effects (in the dark)