Cochrane Alberta Mural Mosaic

Frank Bercha


Blue Darner Dragonfly

Artist Comments: The Darners are the largest dragonflies in Alberta, reaching a length of 80mm. The male, shown on the tile, is dark brown, almost black, patterned in blue and green. Some females are of the same colour pattern, while others have yellow patterns---thus another name for these dragonflies is the Variable Darners.
Darners spend most of the day flying, cruising the skies for insects, which they detect accurately with their huge eyes, and follow them inexorably as if fixed onto the unfortunate insect with a space age homing device, and capture them on the fly with their spiny legs, and devour them either flying or temporarily stopping. Darners breed in ponds and lakes, but with their great flight speed and impeccable vision, they range far from water to hunt. There are 12 species of Darners in Alberta, and they can be seen from June until frost hits in October or November.
The Darner is a truly magnificent insect, fast, intelligent, and beautiful, enhancing the Albertan scene as it swiftly moves through the landscape, darting in precise patterns to meet its needs.