Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Kristi Bridgeman


Salmon Return, Douglas Creek, 2005'

artist website:
Artist Comments: Many years ago my husband discovered a small stream near our home, and took up the challenge of restoring it to a health salmon bearing stream. Through the years it has involved enlisting the dept of fisheries, local government, dedicated neighborhood volunteers, girl guides, storm drain marking programs, boy scout stream clean ups, streamside tree plantings, volunteers from the university environmental studies programs, the local school district, fry rearing programs, and salmon hatchery fish fry releases. There was exhausting letter writing, grant applications, fundraising, letters to the press, council meetings and emergency oil spill calls at midnight. This painting was taken from a photo from Autumn 2005, recording the first pair of mating Chum Salmon in Douglas Creek in over 100 years. Like these small mosaic pieces, perseverance and individual effort can be impressive in their impact.