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Wildlife Mural Mosaic
"Let's find a balance" Phil discusses the project with David Suzuki
David Suzuki Comments: This world is designed by the interconnectedness of species from the very largest to the mircoscopically unimaginable. ... The decomposers' food supplies are enriched by herbivores and carnivores, which depend ultimately on the plants productivity - and so the circle turns. We are dancing in this circle too, fitted in a million different ways into the buzzing, humming, roaring activities of life on Earth. Biodiversity is the name that has been given to the sum total of that life, that crucial element in the sacred balance of the planet. - The Sacred Balance.
"Best of luck with the project" David Suzuki

Phil Alain


The Peaceful Fawn

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Artist Comments: The early days and weeks are perilous for fawns. They survive best in areas with lots of cover. Fawns rely heavily on their natural camouflage. The white spots scattered across their reddish-brown bodies blend well with fallen leaves and brush. When a fawn beds down, he tucks his legs, head and neck into its body for ultimate concealment. Today, in increasingly suburban areas where whitetails and people live side-by-side, humans are the driving force on deer. Our houses, roads and everyday comings and goings impact where and when deer feed, travel and bed