Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Lefebvre, Denise



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Artist Comments: Not only is the Trumpeter Swan the rarest swan in the world, it is also the largest with wings that may span 3m. Trumpeter swans are well adapted for the harsh environments in which they sometimes live. Their unusually dense layer of down, which can be up to 5 cm thick, seems to make them almost impervious to the cold. It is not unusual for Trumpeter Swans to tolerate extended periods with temperatures as low as -30 C. Although they can tolerate such temperatures, their fall migration starts up in October or November when they fly south only as far as they need to find an area of shallow lakes with food and open water.
These birds arrive in Alberta in April and move north as the lakes and sloughs open in Spring, nesting in Yukon, northern B.C., southwestern N.W.T. and the Grande Prairie and Peace River region of Alberta. The are considered vulnerable and are on the endangered species list in Canada.