Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Carol Brown


Petit Pacaderm

Panel before
Artist Comments:. This is my rendering of a baby African Elephant. From the board I was given, the image emerged so completely that I hardly feel that I did it on my own. I think that baby elephants are so impossibly sweet. The fuzzy hair on their heads and the glint in their eyes is so appealing. I like to bring this kind of feeling in my paintings. The differences between African and Asian elephants are that the African is larger by almost half, has bigger ears, eats mostly leaves as opposed to grass of the asian, has a flatter head, has wrinklier skin, has tusks in both sexes, and different shaped teeth. Elephants are now in danger of extinction especially the Summatran elephants. It would be my hope that my little baby will spark a little awareness to see that we will always have these animals on this earth of ours.