Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Elana Goodfellow


Humanity's Mistake

Artist website:
Artist Comments: 1895, the American Bison numbered only 800, reduced in less than seventy five years from a population that was more than 60 million. Through careful management, the total North American population has grown to approximately 30,000. Although this is good news, the genetic diversity of today's herds is so limited that this once majestic species has problems with immunity to disease. In an early attempt to save the Bison, the two sub-species, the Woodland Bison and the Plains Bison, were bred together. It is unclear today whether any non-hybridized Woodland Bison survive today.
It makes me very sad to read about how through our
arrogance we have essentially destroyed another species. The bison should be held up as a sobering example of what humanity should never repeat.