Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Christina Langman



Scratchboard & Acrylics
Artist website:
Artist Comments: "Fortitude" is defined as "strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage" - and I feel that this truly is the spirit of the Bobcat, as it is with so many of the other big cats. The goal with this portrait was to capture the very essence of their inner strength, while maintaining a certain outward tranquility.
This scratchboard and acrylic technique involved prepping the panel with gesso, and prior to painting it - etching each individual hair with a fine X-Acto knife. It requires patience and a very detailed touch, but the results are worth it! To see a step-by-step on this technique, visit any of the scratchboard/clayboard artworks on and find the tutorial link.