Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Maria Buehl



Panel before
Artist Comments: My tile is titled “Untouched”. It depicts Canada’s magnificent Boreal Forest. Stretching from the Yukon to Newfoundland, the Boreal Forest is one of the largest, most diverse ecosystems in the world. It includes alpine peaks, sub-alpine forests, grasslands and wetlands as well as networks of rivers and lakes. This complex ecosystem provides a home to a vast number of species. We are fortunate that today, the Canadian Boreal Forest is still largely intact. However, we must remain vigilant and committed to its protection. Failure to adopt sustainable practices may one day threaten this Canadian treasure. I have chosen to include elk, caribou, a grizzly bear, a salmon, a golden eagle, woodland bison, grasslands, the aspen forest, the black spruce forest, and a river crossing into the lower portion of the panel covered with alpine plants and moss. This is my vision of an “Untouched” area of wilderness.