Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Leschyshyn, Sylvia


Black Bear

Panel before
Artist Comments: The black bear, also called the American bear, is forest dwelling. As the name suggests, it is usually covered in dense black fur, but colour often varies from cinnamon to bluish grey, and regardless of colour, it is recognizable by its brown face, and often, by a white chest mark. On Gribble Island, off British Columbia, a small isolated population developed snowy coats. Driven from developed and farmed areas, it is dependent on the vitality of the forest for its preservation. The bear hunts rodents and small mammals, but it also feeds on a variety of vegetation from pine cones and berries to roots. It is particularly fond of honey and will climb trees to find and smash bee hives, nature’s ‘sweet stores’; in the spring time when the streams are replete with salmon moving upstream, it is able to scoop up fish with its powerful claws, thus adding another variation to its already diverse diet.