Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Maria Buehl


Paradise in Blue

Artist Comments: The Blue Shark, also known as the blue whaler or the great blue shark, is easily identified by its distinct colouring which varies from indigo blue on top to vibrant blue on the sides and fading to white underneath. Its large pectoral fin is as long as the distance from the tip of its snout to its last gill slit. Its huge tail provides tremendous swimming power as it moves gracefully from side to side. These sleek swimmers reach speeds of up to 97 km/hr and are often found in large all male or all female schools. They inhabit the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans in both inshore and offshore waters. The Blue Shark is an opportunistic forager, feeding on dead marine mammals, schools of mackerel, herring, other fish and squid. The blue shark is near threatened due to over fishing.