Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Leschyshyn, Sylvia



Panel before
Artist Comments: Each year the streams of British Columbia are witnesses to and agents in the remarkable life cycle of the various species of the Pacific salmon, their life beginning and ending in the turbulent waters of upland steams and rivers. The salmon hatch and grow in ‘home’ waters, then swim downstream to the ocean and make the difficult transition from a freshwater to a saltwater habitat. On the return inland after spending several years in the ocean, they push upstream through rapids and waterfalls to the area where they began their cycle, often falling prey along the way to wildlife that anticipates the yearly influx of the species; they mate and spawn, lay hundreds of eggs and die almost immediately afterwards. Diversity of habitat and interdependence of wildlife species, as well as the exigency to preserve the magnificent environments in which these species flourish, are represented in the life cycle of the Pacific salmon.