Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Daniel Taylor,


A Trilogy of Hope

artist website:
Panel before
Artist Comments: "These three animals, represented in acrylic, are only but a few of the species yet to be fully appreciated in this world of despair. Soon,very soon,the loss of them to both you and I will be quite apparent as will it be to the many generations to come. We have had and still do, by only good grace,have our chance to succeed in the saving of these amazing animals.

Simply said, We as a generation, as the generations before, have had the wondrous privilege of seeking to understand and enjoy these beautiful beasts that help to make up the amazing enjoyments and versatility on our wondrous jewel of a planet. Why is it that after a great loss that only then do we place momentous value on something that we will never attain again? Let us all put forth an effort,no matter how small or great that may be, in fulfilling our challenge as "caregivers" to this planet we all share as home........ "When paintings truly come alive"