Earth’s Treasure Chest
Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Bakke Martin, Cheryl


Chameleon at Sunset

Artist website:
Artist Comments: .I chose the chameleon for several reasons. I have always been attracted to bright color, and I am amazed at the brilliance and intensity of color that these creatures display. As well, these little creatures have the talent of choosing the colors they display at any particular time - giving us an idea of their emotions in the moment....communicating their internal "dialog" with us and their companions. In short, it seems to me that they wear their feelings on their "sleeves"...and I've always admired that openness in others. Yet when needed, they can adapt to their surroundings too; camouflaging themselves to blend in, finding a refuge for themselves. I understand that desire sometimes, to "slip into the woodwork" for awhile and escape for some much needed renewal. "Hiding" in my studio allows me the same kind of escape.