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Wildlife Mural Mosaic

Birch, David


Navy Seal

Artist website:
Artist Comments: Kayaking... I love the movement of the water, the places you can go that seem almost like your own secret place, and the wildlife that surrounds you.  "Navy Seal" is referenced from a photograph taken by my friend Lewis Scullion along the Harrison River where we kayak from Harrison Lake to Kilby Park.  On this 19 km stretch, we regularly see seals among other wildlife.  I often wonder about their solitude as they emerge with just their head out of the water... usually alone... on some important mission... maybe keeping an eye on me.  Much to my surprise, as you get closer, you can see that their wet fur is actually different shades of brown, and grey... not black like they appear from a distance. It is also different from what I expected, to see these seals in a fresh water river and not in the ocean quite some distance away... but it is so beautiful there, I can see why they don't want to leave.