Thanks to over 250 artists across Alberta and Saskatchewan for making it possible

Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert paints panel #79 Alberta Premier Ralph Klein paints panel #130

April 1-2 West Edmonton Mall Photos

Mural is assembled for the first time at West Edmonton Mall's Ice Palace in a 24 hr event
1st panel goes down... April 1st at 6pm. it begins, Lewis and Phil bring out the first panel,
Incredible Art... Phil is amazed at some of the artwork, such as panel #35 "Big Sky Smile" by Anne Brown.
Phil keeps busy... over a hundred panels are laid out during the evening of April 1 and still no recognizable image, designer Lewis Lavoie spends a sleepless night unsure if the mural is going to work or did he just create a mess?
Looking good... Early morning April 2 Lewis breathes a sigh of relief as Phil lays out over 200 panels, - Not only is the mural going to work - its looking great!
Artists help out... with close to 20 panels incomplete, artists come out to help push the mural past the finish line.
Stephen Turner, Kim Fjorabotten and Maria Buehl produce some of the best art in the mural . Artist Stefania Piecowye from Saskatoon gives a interview to the local press.
Artist Susanne Loutas adds some final touches to her panel
Edmonton's Mayor Stephen Mandel places his contribution in place Victoria artist Maria Lawrence places her art on the edge Edmonton Eskimo / Artist Rob Grant III personally delivers his panel.
Artist Mary Lee Small checks the posistion of her panel

AB-SK "Buffalo Twins" fully assembled for the first time April 2nd, 5:00 PM at West Edmonton Mall

Approximately 50 artists made it out to West Edmonton Mall to witness the assembly!

Artist Jan Howden-Paul shows her painting honouring the four slain RCMP officers
Edmonton’s Mayor, Stephen Mandel gets a painting lesson from Lewis Lavoie
Rob Grant III, Edmonton Eskimo Football Player / Artist holds up his painting
The youngest contributor, Ryan Jacques, age 4, painted "the Railrays" on panel #160
Prince Albert, SK - Some great art comes out of Prince Albert, SK
Saskatoon, SK - Saskatoon Artists proudly hold up their completed panels.
Lewis and Phil are honored to have international renowned sculpturer Joe Fafard participate
Michelle Valberg- Ottawa Photographer and winner of Ottawa's Businesswoman of the Year sits with Ben Babelowsky internationally renowned Ottawa artist and their two mural creations representing Ottawa in the Centennial mural.
Regina, SK. Hon. Premier Calvert and international renowned artist Joe Fafard are captured by the press.
“Deputy Prime Minister” Anne McLellan paints a prairie oilwell field.
“Juno award winning” blues musician Colin James adds to his painting
Phil Alain with “Juno award winning” blues musician Sue Foley
Singer, songwriter, Ian Tyson shows off his portrait panel
Art history graduate, Catherine Clark, checks out her father’s portrait.
Colin Maclean poses with “The Great One”- the guy on the right is Phil,