Before 1905 - Alberta and Saskatchewan were part of the Northwest Territories and consideration was given to making it one large province entitled "Buffalo"

1905 - It was decided that one large province would become too powerful in Confederation, so the government decided to draw a line splitting the population and land mass almost right down the middle.

1905 -1947- created to be equal , the two provinces shared similar growth rates in economics and population.

1947 - Oil is found in Leduc, just south of Edmonton - Alberta starts to pull ahead of Saskatchewan.

2000 - Alberta's population is triple that of Saskatchewan and its economy is stronger than every other jurisdiction in the country.

2005 - Alberta & Saskatchewan share their 100th birthday
The "Twin Provinces" are united through the Centennial Mural, "Buffalo Twins"

Quote: "Alberta may have a lot of money - we have a lot of heart, and the heart of Saskatchewan will overshadow any province in Canada" - Premier Lorne Calvert announcing the centennial celebrations on Sept. 23, 2004.
Quote: "In token for the love which thou has Shown For this wild land of freedom, I have Named
A Province vast, and for its beauty Famed, By thy dear name to be hereafter Known.
Alberta shall it be!" - Princess Louise Caroline Alberta - 1882

Alberta named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

Saskatchewan (kisikatchewin)  is Cree for "fast running river" . It was first applied to the Saskatchewan River. Later the Province took the name of the main river with its branches in Saskatchewan.

Regina (capital of Saskatchewan) is Latin for Queen, given by Princess Louise .

Edmonton (capital of Alberta) name taken from Fort Edmonton, built in 1795.